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We provide pain management consultation for patients referred by other medical specialty physicians and primary care/Family medicine physicians. After detailed review of medical record and comprehensive physical examination, we discuss with our patients further testing, if necessary and various treatment options. Finally a treatment plan is outlined addressing short and long term goals of pain management focusing improvement in patients’ quality of life and activity level.

Interventional Pain Management:

Interventional pain procedures are one of the important tools of our Comprehensive Pain Management Care. We offer wide variety of pain management procedures inside the facility. Procedures are done as outpatient and are scheduled every day Monday to Friday meeting the need of our patients. Also our patients do not encounter the inconvenience of going to hospital or surgical center for minimally invasive outpatient procedures.

Conservative Pain Management:

One modality of our Comprehensive pain management care is utilization of various types of medicines to treat pain. In this regard we consider patients other medical conditions and treatment provided by other physicians to achieve best outcome of our treatment plan. Patients are seen periodically, evaluated for adequate pain control and compliance.

Physical Therapy:

We believe in multidisciplinary approach. Physical therapy has an important role in pain management. We offer this service at our facility. Our physical therapist will do complete evaluation and will outline a plan of care based on your needs and medical necessity. After the evaluation by Physical therapist ,a certified physical therapy assistant will work one to one basis with the patient. When recommended sessions of therapy are completed, physical therapist will reevaluate patient for effectiveness of physical therapy and further management.

Electromyograpphy and Nerve Conduction Studies:

EMG/NCS is ordered by physician to help in diagnosis of different disorders of muscles and nerves and evaluate radiating pain and numbness in upper and lower extremities and to know more about the condition and outline management plan.

High Complexity Toxicology Lab:

Our lab is run by highly qualified board certified pathologist. This lab is a part of our Patient Compliance Monitoring Program.

We manage variety of pain conditions arising from spine, joints, musculoskeletal system, systemic diseases and pain arising from cancer.
Conditions We Treat